Pallet Hook
  • Type PHA 2000 Pallet Hook
    Type PHA 2000 Pallet HookThe PHA 2000 automatic pallet hook is self levelling for easy operation. The unit self balances ...
  • Type PHD 2200 Pallet Hook
    Type PHD 2200 Pallet HookThe PHD 2200 pallet hook is a versatile unit which features adjustable body height and fork tine...
  • Type PHN 4500 Pallet Hook
    Type PHN 4500 Pallet HookA heavy capacity pallet hook suitable for loads up to 4.5 tonne. Fully adjustable tines out to a...
  • Type CHM200 Adjustable Pallet Hook
    Type CHM200 Adjustable Pallet HookThe type CHM200 Adjustable Pallet Hook has been designed to handle palleted goods safely when be...
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