Drum Lifter
  • Type BGN1 Drum Lifter
    Type BGN1 Drum LifterGalvanised Parrot Beak Drum Lifters Suitable for both steel and plastic 210 litre drums....
  • Type BGN2 Drum Lifter
    Type BGN2 Drum LifterThis BGN2 Beak Drum Lifters make drum handling easy, can safely lift 2 drums at a time....
  • Type SDL1 Drum Lifter
    Type SDL1 Drum LifterAttaches quickly and easily to most fork trucks. Heavy duty welded steel construction. Lifts, tr...
  • Type SDL2 Drum Lifter
    Type SDL2 Drum LifterLifts, transports and deposits 2 steel drums at a time without having to leave the drivers seat....
  • Type DC-GR2 Hydraulic Drum Rotator
    Type DC-GR2 Hydraulic Drum RotatorThe type DC-GR2 Hydraulic Drum Rotator is a heavy duty 205 litre Drum Lifter with hydraulic grab...
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