Type SS Silage Shear Grab

The Silage Shear Grab is designed to cut silage blocks from the silage pit, leaving a smooth face 

that is sealed to prevent spoilage. 

The Silage Shear Grab requires a third hydraulic control circuit to activate the grab/cutting portion of the attachment, which features a hardened serrated front knife and hardened plain knives on the sides. 

The rounded front profile of the grab is forced through the silage in a circular motion, reducing the cutting 

force required and ensuring an efficient, clean cut. 

The two heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders provide ample cutting force and the Silage Shear Grab is fitted with quality heavy-duty tines to accommodate this. 

All tines fit into a tapered sleeve and are removable.

   Model      Weight   
     Width        Depth      Volume/Capacity      Opening   


   Tine Spacing   
140SS370kg1400mm880mm0.81m3/498kg730mm11 x 670mm125mm
730mm13 x 670mm129mm

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