SP-2HY Two Hydraulic Snow Plough

It include a hydraulically operated mouldboard, and also hydraulics for turning the boom. 

Extra durable construction guarantees safe and vigorous work process with more powerful tractors. Hydrosystem, which is provided with two cylinders, guarantees universal convinience of using in all conditions.

In the summertime the scraper blade can be used for levelling rough gravel roads. The ride can be stabilised by mechanically or hydraulically adjusted support wheels, available as option.

To the optional equipment belong additional hydrocylinder, supporting wheels with holders, ice edge and chock valve complex, which protects operator and base machine from collision damage.

- Three Point Linkage

- Harden Steel Cutting Edge

- Optional Wheels Request to Order

             Type                     Width (mm)            Blade Height (mm)          Unit Weight (kg)     

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